Unicorns of the Night

Dark blue sky hovers over a wonderful scene,
A herd of unicorns can be seen.
A filly drinks from a pool of cold water,
Quenching the thirst of this mystical daughter.

The stallion’s coat shines silver in the moonlight,
But by dawn he will be white.
His ivory horn illuminates his beautiful face,
Oh this magic image is something I must embrace!

He looks over his mare with protective eyes,
Watching the land where she lies.
He hopes no goblins will appear tonight,
Because they will ruin this evening’s delight.

A cluster of flowers lie close to the water’s edge,
Sweet nectar they pledge –
To the hummingbirds who fly amongst the fairies,
Whose mischief makes the unicorns quite wary.

A thick mist sweeps over the enchanted land,
Hiding the volcanic sand.
Soon it will be dawn and the unicorns must go,
Or they will grow too hot under the sun’s glow.


About csharples

Originally from Preston but now living a suburban life in the South of Manchester, writing and editing in my spare time, working in admin during 9 - 5. I love writing fiction, short and long and it's most aimed for a younger audience. I read as much as possible, both crossover and adult fiction. My proudest acheivements to date are: a BA Degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. I'm the proud editor of a No 1 (and 2) bestseller in the Amazon Charts. I long to share my knowledge with fellow writers and want to keep learning and developing as a writer myself.
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